11 Clever Ways To Use Your Colander








A colander is a perforated bowel, usually made out of plastic or metal, to strain water out of your food. It is most commonly used for draining pasta or washing vegetables. Although a life saver in the kitchen, colanders are usually underappreciated as it is a tool that is taken for granted. Imagine having to drain boiling water out of your pasta without a colander, how would you do it?






If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then don’t worry because we have 11 clever ways that you can use your colander to make your life easier.


Drain Your Canned Goods – Are you one of those people that open your can ¾ of the way and let the water drain out before pouring its content out? Did you know that draining and then washing your canned food before eating it can remove up to 30% of the sodium contained in it? This is why you should always wash your canned food before eating it.

Steam Your Vegetables – If you are using a stainless steel colander, or a heat resistant plastic one, you can just place your colander inside a large pot with water at the bottom and then steam it. This is the easiest way to steam your veggies for a healthy diet!


Hold Bath Accessories – Using a colander to store your bath accessories will allow you to drain out all the water in order to prevent them from molding. Whether you store your soaps, rubber ducks, or sponges, a colander will help you keep them nice and dry.


Make A Lamp – You can use metal colanders to make a lamps. Use 2-3 and hand them at different lengths and colors, and the light shining through its holes make for beautiful shadows.


DIY Colander Planter – Paint your colander a bright summer color, plant your flowers inside it, and hang it to a tree with a small chain or rope from both handles.


Guacamole Dip – Push your peeled avocados through the bottom holes of the colander. Then add your onions, cilantro, tomatoes, salt, pepper, and lime. Enjoy!


Splatter Guard – You can use your colander to prevent grease splatter while you are frying your food. Simple place the colander upside down over your pan, the holes will allow the steam and heat to escape but will block the grease from spreading all over.


Fruit Basket – Keep your colander on your counter with a variety of washed fruits in it for a healthy diet and visually appealing look.


Pancake Guard – Place your colander upside down on your pancakes to keep them warm and prevent them from getting too moist as the holes allow the moisture to escape.


Kid’s Toy – Give your child the colander and place it upside down. Then give them a bag of uncooked noodle pasta and tell them to see how fast he/she can put them through the holes.


Aquarium Gravel – Easiest way for you to wash the gravel out of your aquarium is by using a colander. Simply place the gravel into the colander and wash thoroughly using soap and let it drain.



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