The Microfiber Miracle Polishing Cloth

Cleaning just got a whole lot better with microfiber polishing cloths. Though they’ve been around since the late 1950s, it’s only within the last decade or so that they’ve really exploded in popularity in North America.


In fact, microfiber is often hailed as one of the most important cleaning technologies to emerge in the past century. In many ways, it’s thrown the cleaning industry upside down.


The United States has long relied on chemical cleaners and disposable products for domestic cleaning. Yet microfiber cloths greatly reduce the need for chemical cleaners. They’re also reusable, limiting your contribution to the country’s stream of waste.


But that’s not all to love about microfiber. In addition to their environmental friendliness, microfiber cloths also clean a vast variety of surfaces incredibly well. These range from kitchen surfaces to bathroom surfaces to glass windows to automobiles.


Perhaps the area where microfiber shines most brightly is on stainless steel appliances and stainless steel countertops. If you have a stainless steel kitchen, you’ll be amazed at just how well microfiber works. It cleans nearly any and all stains. It even cleans difficult-to-remove fatty stains (like fingerprints) without skipping a beat. And it does all this without leaving behind any sort of residue.


So why aren’t microfiber polishing cloths even more popular? The answer to this goes full circle back to the North American chemical market. Dominated by companies that make millions of dollars per year selling household cleaners stuffed with chemicals, the industry doesn’t take all too kindly to environmentally friendly alternatives.


While the majority of these companies have been slow to get behind a product that undermines their more expensive offerings, a number of companies have cropped up that put both the environment and your family’s health first. One way they are doing this is by marketing and selling microfiber cloths.

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Believe us, it is. But don’t take only our word for it. Read on below for more information on what microfiber is, the benefits of microfiber, and how you can use microfiber to keep your home spick and span.


What Is Microfiber?


Microfiber is a very fine synthetic fiber first developed in the late 1950s. However, finding applications for it was difficult. Add in the fact that the fine threads required for microfiber were difficult to produce and it’s easy to see why microfiber took so long to catch on.


Though it had some initial success in Japan during the 1970s, it wasn’t until the 1990s that microfiber begin to spread around the world. It became something of a craze in Sweden to clean with the fabric in the early 1990s and soon the same could be said for the rest of Europe. As we mentioned above, microfiber cleaning cloths have only become popular in the United States and Canada over the course of the past decade.


Microfiber is a densely constructed material made of polyester and nylon fibers. Each fiber is approximately 1/16th the thickness of a human hair. These fibers are woven together to create a net-like surface. The surface area contains millions of very small spaces capable of catching moisture, dirt, and debris of all kinds.


When you run a microfiber cloth over a surface like stainless steel, these small spaces pick up even the tiniest specks of dirt. Because microfiber uses nylon in its construction, it also creates a small static charge while in use. This attracts even more dirt by pulling it into the cloth. The dirt is then trapped until the microfiber cloth is washed.


Benefits of Microfiber Cloths


Though microfiber is used in various cleaning applications (including mop heads), microfiber polishing cloths are perhaps the most beneficial. We look at a few of the most important benefits of microfiber cloths below:


  • Versatile – Microfiber cloths are versatile. They can be used on a number of surfaces, most notably as a cleaner for stainless steel. Pair your cloth with marble polishing powder to give your countertops an expert shine. Because they are lint-free and non-abrasive, they can even be used on windows and other glass applications


  • Safe – Microfiber cloths don’t require harsh chemicals to be effective. They don’t even require the use of soap. This makes them very safe for you and your family. They are also hypoallergenic, making them the perfect choice for those with allergies or asthma.


  • Environmentally Friendly – Because microfiber cloths don’t require chemicals, they are high among the most environmentally friendly cleaning products. All you need to use is water. You can also reuse microfiber cloths hundreds of times.


  • Effective – Use only water with your microfiber cloth and you’ll remove 98.9% of bacteria from smooth surfaces. Compare this to the 92% that a conventional cloth used with bleach removes.


  • Affordable – Sure, microfiber cloths are slightly more expensive than their conventional counterparts upfront. But add in the fact that they can be used hundreds and hundreds of time and their affordability quickly becomes apparent.


Using and Caring for Microfiber


Whether you’re using yours as an oven cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, window cleaner, marble counter cleaner, or lens wipe, microfiber cloths are incredibly easy to use.


All you have to do is get your microfiber cloth damp with warm water and wipe. You don’t even need to use soap or a chemical cleaner. Just dampen the cloth and you’re good to go. You’ll remove 98.9% of bacteria with every swipe.


Caring for microfiber is just as easy as using it. However, it’s important to note that it must be cleaned carefully. You should not wash your cloth in temperatures over 200 degrees. While most detergents can be used, you shouldn’t use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry your microfiber cloth at a temperature over 140 degrees.


Why You Need a Microfiber Cloth


Microfiber cloths are a great investment. You can find them in packs of one, three, and six. This makes it easy to use yours for multiple different applications around the house.


When it all boils down to it, microfiber is effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and affordable. They last nearly forever and barely lose their cleaning power. You can’t go wrong with a microfiber cloth (or a whole set) if keeping your house clean without chemicals is a top priority. 

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