How to take care of your kitchen tools

1- Scrub Your Stainless Steel: You can't run a kitchen without a good stainless steel pots and pans, so it's important to properly clean them for the long run.

2- Sharpen your knives: You should have at least three decent knives in any kitchen , and you should hone them before every use.

3-Oil Up Wooden Utensils: No matter which wooden instrument you use—a cutting board, a wooden spoon, spatulas, bowls, or even things with wooden handles—you need to apply walnut oil to them a few times a year

4- Clean Cast Iron Without Losing Flavor: When you're finished cooking, pour a little oil into the pan (if there isn't any left from cooking), dump in a handful of kosher salt, and then just scrub the salt around the pan with an old rag or some wadded up paper towels.



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