Alternative Methods To Make Use Of Your Spice Tins

Spice tins are a practical and attractive way to save space in your kitchen and your home. The handy little storage containers offered by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools have a magnetic backing, so they will attach tightly to any flat metal surface, including most appliance and refrigerator doors. These magnetic tins hold up to two and half ounces of your favorite spices. The containers feature transparent lids for easy identification of contents and give you a clear view of the contents so you'll always know what you have.



Destined to be used for a lot more than just spices, here are the top 9 ways to best utilize them. 


Poured Candle - Making your own candle is actually easier than one may think. You can make them in different colors and add your own personal touch by adding a hand made lid drawing. 


Paper Clips Holder - Store your paper clips inside your spice tin. You can store them anywhere in your room, office, or even on your fridge!


Snacks - Pack your nuts, berries, or humus in them when you are off to work for the day. They are a great method to pack your snacks to work. 


Pill Holder - You can also use the spice tins to carry around your vitamins or pills while you travel or when you go to work. 


Jewelery Storage - Store your earings, bracelets, and even necklaces easily and organize them by size, type, etc. You will never again have to deal with jewelery laying all over your beside table and drawers.


Garage Organizer - Put your various sized nails, screws, etc and create both a wall art and stay organized in your garage. 


DIY Beauty - Use it to store your DIY beauty products such as the lemon sugar scrub. You can even print a nice label and give it to your friends as a present.


Chocolate Caramel Tarts - Spice tins are the perfect size for making a cute little desserts, especially Chocolate caramel tarts. You can play around with the fillings such as jam or caramel, and use cookies or graham crackers.


Toothpick Holder - It is hard to find a good quality toothpick holder. These spice jars are just the perfect size, and they look great!


If you are interested in ordering one, they are currently on sale on our Amazon store so you can go ahead and order it today!

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