Best Clothespins

Best Clothespins For Your Home

Clothespins are one of the most popular products around the house due to it's large variety of uses. Just like with all our products, our designers have created 4 different hooks for the regular home, incorporating features and design elements which makes these clip hooks exactly what you need in your home. 

These stainless steel clips/clamps from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools are constructed out of ultra strong, rust proof stainless steel. They are built to withstand anything from light use laundry clips to heavy duty clamps built for heavier items around the house. All clips feature a thick spring system that keeps them tightly closed but allow you to open them just as easily.

Best Light Duty Clothespin

Use these stainless steel wire clothespin clamps anywhere in the home. They work perfectly for clothing in the laundry room or closet, towels in the bathroom, and for plastic bags and other doo-dads in the kitchen. They even work well for organizing accessories in the garage. You can buy these clips here.

Best Medium Duty Clothespin

Pack these stainless steel wire clothespin clamps into your suitcase or travel bag for easy storage while on the go. Use them at your hotel to hang or dry your clothes and other accessories. You can even use them in the tent or motor-home while camping. But the options for use don't stop there. Take them to the office to keep track of papers or to hang messages where everyone can see them. Take them to the bedroom or sitting room to use as a bookmark. Clip your bills and other mail together to keep track of all your incoming and outgoing mail. You can buy these clips here.


Best Heavy Duty Clothespin

Heavy-duty, double plated nickel steel clips with integrated hooks can hang up anything with ease for storage or drying. Perfect for hanging everything from the heaviest adult sized coat or pair of jeans to baby diapers; store belts and scarves in the closet, hat collections, swimsuits, bridal wear. Strong enough for one clip to hold a pair of your heaviest set of boots. Keep a set handy near the laundry clothesline for hanging extra heavy beach towels and bed sheets. You can buy these clips here.


Best Heavy Duty Swivel Clothespin

Whether at home or on the go, you want your clothes to be nice and wrinkle-free. These swivel clip hanger hooks are a portable solution for hanging laundry, linens, footwear and more. Strong enough for heavy items yet gentle enough for very delicate fabrics. These are no ordinary clip hooks. Where cheaper hooks have a gap at the end, these steel clips have a 360 degree swivel. This truly clever clip allows you to easily swivel the hook, which lets the clip lay down against a flat surface. Perfect for packing into a suitcase. Unlike wire or wooden clothespins, these clips won't leave behind marks or tears. The clips can hold items secure without the need for strong hand strength. You can buy these clips here.


Since most clip hooks are not of the same caliber as ours, it is important to avoid plastic and other low quality metal clip hooks as they can break or rust and as a result can stain clothes or even interfere with people's health. Our stainless steel clip hooks are easy to use, safe to handle, and practically impervious to harm.

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