Organization and Storage Tricks Using Clip Hooks


Clip hooks are just about the most useful thing known to man. If you don't know what a clip hook is, here is a picture for you. 


As seen on the image above, it is a stainless steel hook on the top that you can hang on just about anything which has a clip on the bottom of it. It is most often used for Hanging your clothing up and helps to keep it free of wrinkles and looking in tip top condition, so that you can spare the hassles of having to haul out the iron to look fresh for any occasion. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find a spot to hang your clothing. You can't have knobs and hooks installed in every room of your home, and when you're traveling, there never seems to be a convenient place to hang anything, does there?

Although the clip hooks are most often used for hanging clothes, there are an infinite ways that they can be utilized. Below are 13 innovative ways that you can use them.


Hang Your Boots - Are sick and tired of trying to figure out where you should keep your winter boots during summer? Think no further as now you can hang them without ruining them on just about anything. 
Hand Towels And Rags - Finding a place to hang your wet towels or rags in the kitchen can be an hassle. Especially if you are one of those people that tend to just open one of your drawers and hang it over the side of it hoping that it will dry. You can now easily hang your kitchen towels on just about anything you find in the kitchen using the clip hooks. Heck if you install a shower rod, you can hang just about everything you need in the kitchen. 


Portable Laundry Rack Whilst Travelling - If you are travelling and have limited space, it can be hard to find a place to hang your wet clothes or towels after a shower. You can use these tiny clip hooks to now easily dry them.


Hang Jewelery In Your Closet - If you are one of those people that have just one too many large necklaces in your room and are having trouble finding places to put them the the clip hooks will be your savior.  You can hang all your jewlery inside your closet using the clip hooks.


Hat Organiser - If you are rich enough I suppose you could have a room for your hat collection. Otherwise, you probably just keep them laying around in the house. Using the clip hooks, you can hang all your hats in your closet without ruining them. 


Art Display - It can be a pain to try and figure out where to hang art either while waiting for the paint to dry, or for display purposes. If you are a teacher, you can use the clip hooks to display the art work to parents, and easily take them down and replace them with new masterpieces. 


Organize Your Pantry - Having 3-4 bags of open chips usually rusults in stacking them one on top of another. As a result, you have to dig into your pantry to find them only to try and find the chips you opened last week gone soggy. With the clip hooks, you can hang your opened packs of chips and other edibles and can keep them sealed and fresh for weeks to come. 


Hang Your Mittons & Scarves - Having to wear wet mittons after skiing down the hill is one of the most unpleasant feelings ever. Would you rather warm and cozy gloves to slip your hands into after a nice hot chocolate and lunch by the fireplace? Well you can use the clip hooks to hang your wet mittons and scarves over the fire place in order for it to dry by the time you are done having lunch.


Shower Curtain - You can build your own shower curtain by simply clipping your own fabric to these hook clips and hanging it onto your shower rod. Let your imagination go wild. 


Music Stand - If you play a music instrument, you must have at one point in time struggled with finding a location to put your sheet music while you stand up and play. Using clip hooks, you can hang your notes just about anywhere, even when you are travelling or staying at a hotel without having to bring your music stand. 


Dehydration - Placing your fruits or veggies on the ground will expose them to bugs to feast on before they hit your kitchen. Using these clip hooks, you can dry all your fruits and veggies and keep them safe from bugs. 


Organize Your Bags - If you are one of those people that have one too many bags, then the clip hook is defintely for you. You can hang all your bags in your closet and keep them away from plain sight


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