Top 3 Organization Tips for Open Shelving Kitchens

Top 3 Organization Tips for Open Shelving Kitchens

Open shelving kitchens have gained popularity in recent years for their modern and airy feel. They can make a kitchen feel more spacious and allow for easy access to dishes and cookware. However, keeping an open shelving kitchen organized can be a challenge. Here are the top 3 organization tips to keep your open shelving kitchen both functional and stylish:

1. Edit and Declutter Regularly

The key to keeping open shelves looking stylish and organized is to regularly edit and declutter the items on display. Take stock of what you have on your shelves and consider if each item is truly necessary or if it can be stored elsewhere. Keeping only essential items on display will prevent your shelves from looking overcrowded and messy.

2. Use Matching Containers

To create a cohesive and organized look on your open shelves, consider using matching containers to store smaller items like spices, utensils, or ingredients. Mason jars, baskets, or glass canisters can all be great options for keeping your shelves looking neat and tidy while also adding a touch of style.

3. Group Similar Items Together

Another useful organization tip for open shelving kitchens is to group similar items together. By grouping items by category or color, you can create a sense of order and make it easier to find what you need while adding visual interest to your shelves. For example, consider grouping all your white dishes together for a clean and cohesive look.

By following these top 3 organization tips for open shelving kitchens, you can maintain a stylish and functional space that showcases your favorite items while keeping clutter at bay.

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