Shower Curtain Rings -12 Pack Set Of Double Polished Chrome Roller Ball Shower Curtain Hooks - Hang Both Beach Shower Liners And Bathroom Curtains On Straight And Curved Rods by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools

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  • Shower curtain hooks are made from top grade materials in order to maximize their lifetime. Crafted with rust-resistant metal for added strength and extended use. It features a simple shape metal hooks with chrome and brushed nickel finish that easily match with any decor, bathroom accessories or even hardware. They glide easily and smoothly with no tugging or pulling of the curtain and make it super easy to add the liner.
  • Shower curtain rings are heavy-duty, rust-free double-hook rings resist corrosion and other breakdowns. Non-Magnetic stainless steel, which has a sturdy surface that is rust-resistant and will last for years. They are durable and built for heavy duty performance. They create a bright, highly reflective, cool grey metallic look and are ideal for curtains hung on tracks or poles. Low on maintenance, they are easy to use and wipe clean with damp cloth.
  • Bathroom shower curtains will keep your modern or traditional bathroom looking stunning. They bring tranquility to any contemporary or transitional bathroom and complement many existing settings to show off your stylish side. Very functional and convenient accessories. The unique design of the roller enables them to easily slide open without any awful noise and makes it simple and quick to install or remove a curtain. The hooks will not overlap or get tangled together when you open and close it.
  • Shower hooks are machine finished to ensure smooth edges so it does not damage the curtain. The design of these chrome and nickel hooks eliminates having to rehang the curtain with every other use, as they securely hold the liner and the drape to keep excess water away from your floor. The inner and outer hooks allows you to hang a liner and a decorative drapery using only one rod instead of two or doubling both on one hook.
  • Curtain hook are multi-purpose hooks can also be used in the closet, office, garage, or even a barn. Also useful for hanging handbags and other accessories. Five smooth rolling ball bearings on the top eliminate snagging, tugging and pulling of the curtain, fits most rod types. Easy to install on the track, these hooks will not turn upside down or fall off like other hooks because of their unique shape and practical construction.
  • MADE FROM THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS - Our shower curtain hooks are made from top grade materials in order to maximize their lifetime. The high quality polished chrome finish will ensure that your shower curtain rings will stay looking sharp for years to come. These multi-purpose hooks can also be used in the closet, office, garage, or even a barn as they can withstand heavy items. Perfect for a commercial settings where you need strong and heavy hooks to stay organized.
  • CAN BE USED BOTH OUTDOORS OR INDOORS IN ANY WEATHER CONDITION - Due to the high grade materials used, these hooks can be used in virtually any weather condition. The corrosion free heavy duty polished chrome finish on the shower rings allow this product to be used in hot, wet, cold, or even salty conditions.
  • SHARP AND STYLISH DESIGN WILL MAKE YOUR SHOWER POP - These shower curtain hooks are bound to make your shower stand out from the crowd. Its polished chrome finish will compliment virtually any style bathroom, whilst still keeping it classy look. Its double hook functionality allows a water stopper to be hung on one side and a shower curtain on the other. 
  • NO TEAR OR SLIP OFF - These high quality hooks are designed to make sure your shower curtain gets the treatment it deserves. Unlike plastic shower hooks, these are machine finished to ensure smooth edges so no damage can can be done to your favorite shower curtain.
  • Are you looking for shower hooks or just hooks that you can use in virtually every corner of your house? If so then look no further as these polished chrome roller shower curtain hooks are your one stop shop for all your needs. From plant hooks to Christmas light hangers, these hooks have hundreds of practical uses around every house or apartment and are compatible with all metal, wood, and plastic rods. Its gliding rollers allow for smooth movement along a rod whilst also being able to withstand heavy items. Rain or shine, cold or hot, these hooks are able to withstand any weather conditions you throw at it. This is a tiny one time investment that will last you a lifetime though beware as you comeback for more.


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