Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl - Heavy Duty, Large 3.5 Quart Capacity Wide Prep Bowl Easy To Clean, Oder and Stain Resistant, Retains Heat, Skid Proof Includes Bonus Wire Whisk

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  • It’s an all-in-one mixing bowl set, meaning you also get a wire whisk to help complete all your cooking tasks. Like the mixing bowl, this whisk is made from high-quality materials that hold up during years of use. The whisk has a strong, study handle and provides another handy addition for the kitchen. Thanks to the added whisk, this mixing bowl set makes a perfect housewarming or wedding gift.
  • When mixing ingredients for cooking or baking, a mixing bowl with has a wide, solid base is important. The stay-put flat base becomes essential when you are creating cake mixes, cookie dough, and many other foods that should be mixed thoroughly. You’ll be able to mix confidently and not worry about spilling the ingredients, which only creates a mess and a hassle, and keeps you from enjoying the process of cooking!
  • You need a mixing bowl that will be there through years of cooking adventures; you certainly don’t want to purchase an item that isn’t durable, secure, and reliable. Fortunately, the bowl set uses commercial-grade stainless steel, so you can count on to provide years perfect mixing. The polished stainless steel also provides a long-lasting shine, making this an attractive choice and one of the top kitchen accessories.
  • With an easy-grip rounded lip, it not only gives you a great hold, it makes pouring simple and allows you to empty this bowl easily. From beating eggs for a morning omelet to mixing a rub for your secret ribs recipe, the extended lip creates a superior cooking experience. Get less dripping, easier pours, and top-quality results with this excellent mixing bowl in your home.
  • Inside, there are measuring lines that let you accurately mix items with precision. With measurement markers every half-liter, get better control over all of your cooking or beverage mixing. This is especially important for baking, as having the right mixture is vital, but it can also be helpful for mixing beverages. Don’t take chances with regular steel mixing bowls, use this polished bowl set and you will have perfectly moist and delicious cakes.

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