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Thank you for checking out our program and product line. We only extend invitations to kitchen, food and culinary bloggers who have professional quality writing and photography – and that’s you!


Here’s how the program works:

As an Ambassador, you can request any item from our product catalog. The item will be delivered to you completely free via the Amazon Prime program. In exchange, all we ask in return is that you publish a review of our product on your blog. The item is yours to keep forever.

We Value Your Reviews

We want your review to be completely honest and unbiased. While we hope you love our products, we want you to give us your 100% true opinion. You can review as many products as you like. Don’t worry – a negative review won’t affect your ability to receive additional products. We value your blog as it is and never want you to compromise your journalistic integrity.

We’d love it if you could add photos to your review. These can be original photos taken by you or high-res images we provide. Don’t be shy about publishing photos or videos!

History of Pro Chef Kitchen Tools

The quality of the dishes you create depends on the quality of the ingredients you use. Likewise, the quality of your cooking ability is directly influenced by the quality of the kitchenware you choose. At Pro Chef Kitchen Tools, our goal is to create restaurant-quality cookware at a price which is affordable for everyday families to use at home.

Our products are strong enough for professional use. They’re perfect for home chefs and aspiring home chefs. But they’re also great for busy people who want to prepare meals quickly.

We don’t just offer cookware, we also have an entire line of products designed to keep your kitchen clean, organized and beautiful.

Types of Pro Chef Kitchen Tools:

For Food Prep – We offer a wide variety of colanders, strainers, splatter screen guards and more. Perfect for cooking pasta, vegetables and other foods which involve liquids. Helps reduce spills, accidents and messes.

Our stainless steel kitchenware is strong and durable. Unlike plastic or silicone, stainless steel will never break, crack or melt due to exposure to high temperatures. All of our productions are made from FDA-approved food safe stainless steel. There is never any metallic or odd aftertaste to foods.  

For Kitchen Organization - You can store dry goods in our magnetized storage tins. Hang pots and pans from our flat or round premium S-shaped hooks. Even small items can make a big difference. We have thin and wide stainless steel bag clips.   

For Kitchen Maintenance – Keeping your appliances shiny and clean is easy with our microfiber cloth towels. They’re specifically designed to polish stainless steel, glass and other materials without leaving behind scratches.

For the Laundry Room - Besides kitchenware, we also offer drying racks and clips for your laundry room. Depending on the style of your blog, you might be interested in our laundry room products as well. They’re made from the same beautiful, durable stainless steel as our kitchen products.

We offer a hanging rack for drying clothes with 18 stainless steel clothespins. There are two styles available: rectangle and round. We also offer a range of differing sets of wire clips clip hooks.

Product Characteristics

Our products are designed and created to the highest quality standards. From a simple cloth all the way to our top-of-the-line kitchenware, when you use a Pro Chef Kitchen Tool you can expect nothing but the best. Every one of our products is:

  • Stainless steel and other materials ensure your product will resist scratches, dents and breakage. Our products are built to last.
  • Each of our products will fit into the décor of practically any kitchen. This includes both modern styles as well as classical rustic looks.
  • We create restaurant-quality products for an at-home budget. Even better, we regularly offer our Ambassadors discount codes which can be passed on to readers.

New Product Notification

Our Ambassadors will always be the first know when we release new products. You’ll be able to order these new products and have them delivered for free. Be among the first to publish reviews of our latest items.

We’ll give you a time/quantity-limited steep discount codes for each product you review for your readers and followers. This can be a real “win/win” for both Pro Chef Kitchen Tools and your blog. If your readers are interested in purchasing a product you review, they can then enter the code and receive at a deep discount.

Put Our Products to the Test

Our kitchenware is designed for professional use. We want you to put them to the test! Our stainless steel products can handle the toughest and roughest kitchen environments.

Your Feedback is Important

We’re always available if you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions. In fact, some of our best product ideas have come from our Ambassadors. If you have an idea for a new product, or an improvement to an existing product, please let us know. As a blogger with ties to what’s new and cool in the world of home kitchens, we always want to know what you have to say about the industry.

Check Out Our Resources

We understand how much work is involved in running a blog. If you ever need suggestions or information for a new post, check out our free Resource Section. We have tips, tricks, recipes and more. The content is regularly updated.

All recipes have sections which can use our products. This might be sifting, straining or other actions where our stainless steel kitchenware can be showcased. Aside from recipes, we also offer a variety of fun articles about cooking, kitchens and food.

Guest-Bloggers Welcome

If you’re interested in writing a guest blog for our site, or having our team write a guest post for your blog, please let us know. We always love to have a new voice on our site! Cooking and kitchenware are our passion. We’re always happy to share new, informative content with our readers!

Connect With Us Anytime

If you have any questions about our products, contact us directly. We’re always available to answer any questions. Our contact page has all the various ways you can reach us including a direct message through our website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

We’re pretty active on social media, so we encourage you to connect with us. We feature new products on Pinterest, post instructional videos on our YouTube channel and generally use our social media platforms to interact with our friends, partners and fans.

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Thank you so much for considering our Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Ambassador Program. Culinary bloggers like you are an important part of our company. Your feedback and opinions are always appreciated. 

We created our series of professional kitchen products because we love cooking and otherwise spending time in the kitchen. We hope these products bring you lots of fun and enjoyment as well. We’re looking forward to reading what you think!

From our family to yours, happy cooking!