Funnels and Strainers

It’s an unfortunate fact that the design team of many other kitchenware brands overlook some of the essentials and prefer to focus their efforts on “vanity” items instead…

But we like to do things a little differently.

We have unleashed our top designers to create the perfect range of kitchen strainers and funnels. We gave them the task to come up with stunningly beautiful and elegant stainless steel products that would be able to take pride of place in the kitchen.

 As we hope you will agree by looking at the selection below, they have accomplished that task marvelously. But as always, we make products that are not just for looks – these are serious, professional grade items that have been ergonomically designed for intensive usage.

 Our strainers and funnels are built to last, and like nearly all the products in our collections – they have a lifetime warranty.

Strainers are an essential tool for every home cool, but they can be a hassle sometimes. Pro Chef Kitchen Tools set out to make a better strainer, and we believe we succeeded.

Our 12-inch colander is made from the finest stainless steel. Perforations on the bottom and the side, neatly and evenly arranged, allow pasta water to drain with maximum efficiency. Better still, our handles are tough and stand away from the bowl of the strainer so that you're less likely to be burned from straining steaming hot pasta.

We also wanted to put our own stamp on the funnel, an often-overlooked kitchen tool. We wanted to create a versatile and durable funnel. And, naturally, we started with stainless steel. But at Pro Kitchen Tools, we wanted our funnels to be a step above the rest, which is why they’re dishwasher-safe and come with attachable strainers for the ultimate multipurpose, easy-to-maintain funnel. We are so happy with our funnels that we back them with a lifetime warranty.