At Pro Chef Kitchen Tools we bring you smart space saving designs to eliminate large and visually unappealing laundry racks. Our high quality stainless steel laundry racks are modern and chic and are designed to fit inside any closet or on any shower rod. We take pride in using only the highest grade materials and workmenship available as it allows us to provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction garranty and lifetime warranty.

There is no doubt that one of the most unattractive items many homes is the humble laundry rack. Traditionally they are purely utilitarian objects that can be big, unwieldy, and difficult to hide away. But despite their less than ideal appearance, they are still essential items that no home can be without.

This is why we decided to have some of our top designers work on our new range of laundry racks and hangers. They combine elegant stainless steel, with unrivaled performance - making the humble laundry rack into a thing of beauty.

Now, instead of hiding a laundry rack away, you can display them prominently and proudly as an exquisite extension of your kitchen's décor.

At Pro Chef Kitchen Tools, we like to tackle common everyday problems the smart way. We also like to take a deeper look at needs that are often overlooked. The marriage of these two schools of thought was the inspiration behind our laundry collection.

Today, more and more garments are being made of specialty materials that must be hung to dry, which is incredibly inconvenient since most of us no longer use clotheslines. Hanging your clothes all over the house is not only cumbersome and unattractive, but it’s inefficient. The solution to this growing problem was to create a space-saving stainless steel hanging rack so that you can hang dry your clothes in the smallest possible space. The result is maximum efficiency and no more clutter.